Technology Strategy

Technology Strategy

strategyFocusInformation Technology (IT) has become more a strategic weapon than a mere functional unit supporting the business.

This shift not only offers a new set of strategic options but also poses new questions for corporate leaders:

  • By broadening the role of IT to exploit technology trends, how can we help deliver sustainable competitive advantage?
  • How can we make IT a significant driver of innovation while maximizing the benefits of business innovation?

At the same time, some traditional questions remain critical:

  • How do we align IT and business while ensuring that the IT strategy is flexible enough to adapt if necessary?
  • How can we focus the IT project portfolio to ensure optimal resource allocation and alignment of IT investment with business needs?

The changing demands on IT strategy are the primary focus of Mikani’s IT strategy segment, which is organised around four major topics:

  • Through industry-shaping IT, Mikani consultants help clients to understand and develop strategies with respect to truly important technology trends—those that have the potential to transform an entire industry. Industry changes can be quite dramatic. For instance, e-books and tablets are fundamentally reshaping the publishing industry’s business model.
  • Mikani works with clients to develop technology-enabled innovation environments and systematic processes to successfully identify, incubate, and commercialize IT-driven innovations.
  • We help clients develop enterprise architectures, which provide blueprints for future business processes, applications, data warehouses, development environments, and technology infrastructures—all based on business strategy and requirements. In addition, our approach helps improve business agility, reduces IT and process complexity, and helps organizations better govern their IT investments.
  • Implementing a continuous IT-portfolio-management process guarantees a value-based and business-related IT landscape in the long run.

Our strategic consultants bring global insight and experience to every project.

Project and Program Services

Project and Program Services

DeutscheBank-Twintowers_72dpi_rgb_01At Mikani Pty Ltd we assist our clients to driving value from their projects.

Organisations are rightly expecting a measurable return on their change projects, yet we know from experience that many fail in terms of both budget and schedule.  Only half meet the expectations of senior management.

Against this backdrop, organisations need the capability to deliver the right projects at the right time – and close down those that no longer add value.  As a trusted independent adviser, clients rely on the expertise of Mikani to help them organise, deliver and assess projects to achieve these objectives.

Potential issues

  • You have to establish the control and co-ordination activities required to manage projects successfully.
  • You rely heavily on vendors to deliver your projects.
  • You want advice on how to get successful projects to support your business strategy – on time and to budget.
  • You want to develop tools and templates to support projects and achieve successful outcomes.
  • You want to stop project success being endangered by uncertainty around how to manage stakeholders impacted by change.
  • You wish to ensure that project business benefits and performance improvements are achieved throughout the project’s lifecycle and beyond.

How we help you

We can:

  • Advise on key vendor management and monitoring activities.
  • Advise on portfolio management – aligning projects to business strategy.
  • Advise on stakeholder management.
  • Perform program management maturity assessments.
  • Provide an objective, independent view of your projects.
  • Provide project management expertise in either a lead or support role.
  • Provide project office expertise in either a lead or support role.
Technology Consultancy

Technology Consultancy

tech3No matter the scale of change, getting IT right is key. Our people work with organisations to design IT strategies, develop technology architecture and design, and help with enterprise applications, sourcing, project management and operational management.

We can help companies make IT change stick by:

  • Aligning IT strategy to that of the organisation and it’s corporate objectives
  • Assessing which IT services should be provided internally and which can be outsourced
  • Better equipping IT to perform due diligence activities for mergers, acquisitions and divestitures
  • Designing the right IT organisation to support business requirements and increase value to the business
  • Helping the broader organisation understand what IT does and how it supports the business, elevating it’s overall reputation and strategic importance
  • Improving the effectiveness of relationships between IT, the organisation and suppliers
  • Managing operational issues in IT and information security
  • Prioritising and measuring IT projects.