Strategic Executive Solutions

Strategic Executive Solutions


Strategic Executive Solutions have provided IT solutions to customers since 1999.

IT solutions that cover Recruitment and Fixed Price Consulting Services.

They believe that customers just want their problem fixed.  That is what the do and have a successful track record working with the private and public sector since 1999 to prove it.

That’s why they want to know more about you, your problem and your business goals as a fundamental part of our process.

Strategic Executive Solutions provide Consultants as individuals to work within your team or they can provide a team of Consultants to work on deliverable basis to meet your objective and solve your problem.



Semantrix specialises in Consulting, Project and Development services for Semantic Web and Knowledge-based systems.

With experience across a wide range of application areas in Commercial, Government and Defence environments we can help you take advantage of the useful information in your existing data systems.

Access to world-leading expertise in Dynamic Semantic Publishing, Semantic Web, Linked Data and Natural Language Processing techniques.

Unique Micro Devices

Unique Micro Devices

Since 1983, Unique Micro Design (UMD) has been fulfilling customers’ needs for real time visibility and control using edgeware.

Which encompasses automatic identification and data capture (AIDC)interfaces and Intelligent Sensor Networks, for a wide range of applications within the supply chain, using technologies in:

  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
  • Mobile Computing
  • Warehouse Solutions
  • Barcoding
  • Point Of Service
  • Payment Terminals
  • Wireless infrastructure

This is achieved by using our engineering ICT solutions skills, which reflect our ability to:

  • Design; and modify electronic terminal & interface products
  • Source; and integrate terminals from our key agencies
  • Support; through our professional, engineering, software and support services.

The company’s focus is to develop and support Edgeware Solutions for our System Integrators, Value added Resellers and Industry Partners for a broad range of industries.

Commercialisation Review

Commercialisation Review

Commercialisation Review

Commercialisation Review

Our Commercialisation Review team draws from the firm’s highly experienced professionals to provide high-level commercial advisory services. Our team members call on their wealth of industry knowledge and connections to provide the most insightful and valuable corporate advisory services.

The team has completed various strategic review assignments across a breadth of industries, from assisting start-up firms to advising corporate organisations with business implementation strategies, financial plans and finally exit strategies.

Our services include the provision of traditional commercialisation advice including business planning, capital raising, marketing, operations management and divestments strategies. We leverage off our strategy and management experience to best apply financial and human capital to our Client’s business requirements.

Our Commercialisation Review team have worked in industries including:

  • Agri-business
  • Biotechnology
  • Defence
  • Emergency Services
  • Federal Government
  • Media and Public Relations
  • State Government
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Transport and Logistics

Due to our deep knowledge of corporations in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, our established network of investors and advisors in the region, our team is in a unique position to provide the highest level of service to strategic investors.

Project Management

Project Management


Our project management services include:

  • scheduling and coordinating internal and external resources and tasks
  • managing due diligence processes
  • standardising reliance and confidentiality arrangements
  • identifying, appointing and coordinating financiers
  • reviewing and coordinating management presentations
  • scheduling and monitoring key milestones
  • short listing advisers, consultants and financiers
  • scheduling and organising financier site visits
  • reviewing, recommending and distributing due diligence reports
  • ensuring consistency between internal and external project inputs
  • coordinating sponsor and adviser presentations to banks.
Technology Strategy

Technology Strategy

strategyFocusInformation Technology (IT) has become more a strategic weapon than a mere functional unit supporting the business.

This shift not only offers a new set of strategic options but also poses new questions for corporate leaders:

  • By broadening the role of IT to exploit technology trends, how can we help deliver sustainable competitive advantage?
  • How can we make IT a significant driver of innovation while maximizing the benefits of business innovation?

At the same time, some traditional questions remain critical:

  • How do we align IT and business while ensuring that the IT strategy is flexible enough to adapt if necessary?
  • How can we focus the IT project portfolio to ensure optimal resource allocation and alignment of IT investment with business needs?

The changing demands on IT strategy are the primary focus of Mikani’s IT strategy segment, which is organised around four major topics:

  • Through industry-shaping IT, Mikani consultants help clients to understand and develop strategies with respect to truly important technology trends—those that have the potential to transform an entire industry. Industry changes can be quite dramatic. For instance, e-books and tablets are fundamentally reshaping the publishing industry’s business model.
  • Mikani works with clients to develop technology-enabled innovation environments and systematic processes to successfully identify, incubate, and commercialize IT-driven innovations.
  • We help clients develop enterprise architectures, which provide blueprints for future business processes, applications, data warehouses, development environments, and technology infrastructures—all based on business strategy and requirements. In addition, our approach helps improve business agility, reduces IT and process complexity, and helps organizations better govern their IT investments.
  • Implementing a continuous IT-portfolio-management process guarantees a value-based and business-related IT landscape in the long run.

Our strategic consultants bring global insight and experience to every project.

Project and Program Services

Project and Program Services

DeutscheBank-Twintowers_72dpi_rgb_01At Mikani Pty Ltd we assist our clients to driving value from their projects.

Organisations are rightly expecting a measurable return on their change projects, yet we know from experience that many fail in terms of both budget and schedule.  Only half meet the expectations of senior management.

Against this backdrop, organisations need the capability to deliver the right projects at the right time – and close down those that no longer add value.  As a trusted independent adviser, clients rely on the expertise of Mikani to help them organise, deliver and assess projects to achieve these objectives.

Potential issues

  • You have to establish the control and co-ordination activities required to manage projects successfully.
  • You rely heavily on vendors to deliver your projects.
  • You want advice on how to get successful projects to support your business strategy – on time and to budget.
  • You want to develop tools and templates to support projects and achieve successful outcomes.
  • You want to stop project success being endangered by uncertainty around how to manage stakeholders impacted by change.
  • You wish to ensure that project business benefits and performance improvements are achieved throughout the project’s lifecycle and beyond.

How we help you

We can:

  • Advise on key vendor management and monitoring activities.
  • Advise on portfolio management – aligning projects to business strategy.
  • Advise on stakeholder management.
  • Perform program management maturity assessments.
  • Provide an objective, independent view of your projects.
  • Provide project management expertise in either a lead or support role.
  • Provide project office expertise in either a lead or support role.