Corporate Responsibility

green-vivid-leaf-wallpapers_186_1024x768At Mikani we believe in being ‘part of it’: part of the global conversation and movement towards responsible business practices that create positive change in the world. ¬†However we want to go further and through our own corporate responsibility agenda we can be part of the solution to global challenges in two ways:

Doing the right thing, which means playing our part on responsible business issues that are central to our business – from the quality of our services and the diversity of our people, to our engagement with communities and our environmental footprint.

Being a catalyst for change, which is about using our skills, voice, and relationships to work with others and influence activities that make a difference, create change and have a lasting impact on the world around us.

We believe in the collective responsibility of business, government and the community to create a sustainable future together. We act responsibly and strive for change by focusing our skills and resources where we believe we are most relevant to society.

We build corporate responsibility into everything we do – when making decisions at Mikani, we consider our wider impacts along four focus areas: Responsible Business, Diversity & Inclusion, Community Engagement and Environmental Stewardship.

  • Responsible Business – we seek to positively impact society through ethical conduct, the creation of shared value and having a public voice,
  • Diversity & Inclusion – we embrace and value all our differences,
  • Community Engagement – we realise the potential of our people to strengthen the community, and
  • Environmental Stewardship – we strive to be environmentally responsible, and to grow environmental intelligence more broadly

Mikani is committed to conducting our business activities with respect for the environment whilst continuing to meet the expectations of our employees, customers and suppliers. To this end Mikani has implemented companywide policies to ensure that all staff operate in an Environmentally Friendly Manner for the better of our own organisation, our wider community and our customers.

The Mikani team does not view environmental protection as a cost but rather as long term corporate mission.

Mikani is a highly innovative and flexible organisation, leveraging low power infrastructure and agile project involvement, thus allowing us to remain informed of current Green IT opportunities and technologies enabling us to transfer or implement these offerings.

Mikani has embraced approaches to reduce travel related emissions. This has seen online meetings and teleconferencing being the method of choice in key business activities. The use of online meeting tools into daily communication processes has enabled Mikani to demonstrate responsible practice to achieving a low carbon economy.

Our flexible and mobile team ensures an almost paperless environment through the use of email and digital storage. Printed material and printing is used only when requested or fully necessitated. Recycling is important in our workplaces; we encourage this to be extended beyond the work place.