Grain Management (Secure Commodities)

An innovative commodities management solution, established upon the foundations of:

  • Efficiency and Cost Saving
  • Contracts Management
  • Price Management
  • Commodity Security, Assurance and Governance
  • Monitoring and Recording
  • Agronomy and Commodity Treatment Records
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Premium Handling Management

Through the development of a secure logistical solution encompassing all aspects of harvest, transport and trade, Secure Commodities exists to enable more independent governance and increased quality assurance in commodities management.

Strategic Executive Solutions

Strategic Executive Solutions


Strategic Executive Solutions have provided IT solutions to customers since 1999.

IT solutions that cover Recruitment and Fixed Price Consulting Services.

They believe that customers just want their problem fixed.  That is what the do and have a successful track record working with the private and public sector since 1999 to prove it.

That’s why they want to know more about you, your problem and your business goals as a fundamental part of our process.

Strategic Executive Solutions provide Consultants as individuals to work within your team or they can provide a team of Consultants to work on deliverable basis to meet your objective and solve your problem.